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Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins Co : While it is obvious that psychological sex differences are of the very highest importance in determining the social relations and functions of men and women, it may seem at first that the purely anatomical differences, and many of the physiological differences, are of slight importance, and that social psychology would have very little concern with these differences.

That, on the contrary, it is especially important to consider these differences in detail, will be shown in this chapter. Not only are the psychological differences closely related to the physiological and the anatomical differences, but in the present state of our knowledge it is impossible to evaluate properly in the field of psychological differences without a consideration of these others. Furthermore, the very specificity and definiteness of the anatomical and physiological differences, and the dependence of the development of these upon certain functions which also control mental development, render it necessary that we consider these anatomical and physiological characters in detail.

The most fundamental differences between men and women are in the sex organs. Included in these sex organs are characteristic glands: the pair of ovaries in the female, and the pair of testes in the male. Certain groups of cells in the ovaries produce the eggs, or ova, and certain groups of cells in the testes produce the spermatozoa, whose function is to fertilize the ova. But in both the male and female glands there are other cells the interstitial cells which secrete substances called sex hormones directly into the blood stream; and these sex hormones produce far-reaching effects upon the organism.

The greater development and lacteal function of the female breasts are sometimes classed as primary sex characters, but more usually are not so included. In addition to the primary sex characters, there are a large of differential features of the male and female, some of which are universal, and some of which vary Women want sex Dunlap different races, which are not absolutely essential to the process of reproduction, and which are hence called secondary sex characters. We shall consider these secondary characters before discussing the primary characters further.

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In general details of form and structure, the adult human being stands between the human child and the ape, the woman nearer the child than is the man, and therefore farther from the ape. The child has a long body, short limbs, large head and brain, and rounded bodily contour.

The ape has a short body, long limbs especially the fore limbssmall head and brain, and prominent skeletal and muscular development. In the proportions of the main parts of the brain, and the relative sizes of the viscera, the same relation of babe, woman, man, and ape holds to a certain extent. In the external structure of the cranium, between the ridged skull of the ape and the smooth skull of the babe stand the skulls of the adults, the man's more like the ape's. In one important proportion the woman deviates markedly in most races from the Women want sex Dunlap and the babe and the ape, namely, in the width of the hips.

In woman the hips are wide, often wider than the shoulders; but in man, as in the babe and ape, the hips are relatively narrow. In greater size of buttocks woman is again different from man and the ape, but not so different from the babe. The larynx is larger in men than in women, and situated lower in the throat. The vocal cords are larger and thicker and these differences are responsible for the differences in pitch and timbre of the adult male and female voices.

The protuberance of the male larynx known as the "Adam's apple" is not developed in the female. In many minor details of bodily structure women differ from men. The thigh bone is shorter than in men; the proportions of the chest, and of the spinal column are different; the arm is flatter; the index finger is larger, and the thumb shorter; the thigh is greater in diameter.

These differences, however, vary from race to race, and many of them are practically absent in some races.

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Among the Tamils, for example, the body form of the woman is so close to that of the man that they are not easily distinguishable if the genitals are concealed. In absolute height and weight, and in size of skull, man surpasses woman on the average in most races. The average height of adult English males is about The differences between these measurements correspond closely to differences in other European countries, and of certain special groups in the United States. Sargent found from several thousand Harvard students and students in American women's colleges, average statures of 68 and 63 inches.

On of the great variety of races in the United States no representative means are available for the general population. The European norms, moreover, are based on measurements of groups which may not be fairly representative, and are, therefore, only approximate. No figures are available for the average weight of the English male and female adults. Among the American college groups, Sargent found an average male weight of pounds, and an average female weight of pounds.

The proportion of fat to other tissue is greater in women than in men, in which respect again women resemble babes Women want sex Dunlap than do men, and resemble apes less. The excess female fat is distributed in the breasts and buttocks, and in the tissue just beneath the skin; and it is the subcutaneous fat which gives the softness and roundness to the female figure. In respect to absolute brain weight, men rank higher than women as might be expected from the larger male skull.

The brain measurements so far made have not been numerous enough, or fairly enough selected, to have much statistical value. Obviously, measurements can be made only on such brains as are available in the dissecting room, or which are donated by their erstwhile owners. But it is evident that. Various average weights which have been observed for females have ranged from to grams, and the corresponding averages for males are from to grams.

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But the average weight of the woman's body is from 15 to 18 per cent less than that of the man's, so that her relative brain weight is actually greater than the man's. Furthermore, when we consider that fat constitutes a greater per cent of the woman's total weight than it does of the man's, we see that the relative brain weight is still more in favor of the woman. For, of course, the function of the brain is to "control" the muscles and glands, and the reserve of fat does not enter into the mechanism directly: In ratio of brain weight to body weight woman is again closer than man to the babe, and farther from the ape.

Attempts have been made to show that woman's brain is inferior to man's in depth of convolutions, in of nerve cells, and in the proportions of the frontal lobes and other portions of the cerebrum, and in the proportions of cerebellum and brain stem to cerebrum. More careful and recent investigations Women want sex Dunlap, however, that there are no discernable sex differences in these respects. The blood of women has been found to contain more water, and fewer red corpuscles than that of man; in which again she would be nearer the babe than is man.

The approximate of red blood corpuscles has been estimated as 5, per cubic millimeter in men and 4, in women. But since the blood-count for women varies with the menstrual cycle, the estimates which have been made are not final. No difference in of white corpuscles has been discovered.

A striking difference between adult men and women is found in the hair. The hair on the man's face tends to grow rapidly, and to become dark and coarse, forming a beard. The same tendency is shown by the male body-hair also, notably on the chest, abdomen, arms, and legs, sometimes forming an ape-like fur over considerable areas. The face and body-hair of the woman, on the other hand, retains its infantile fineness and colorlessness in the great majority of cases. The pubic hair on the woman, however, is characteristically more luxuriant than that of the man.

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Certainly, women are not as subject to baldness as are men, although the masculine hat and the patronage of barber shop have been held responsible for the prevalence of male baldness. It has been maintained that women are fairer of skin than men of the same race, but it is not certain that such is the case when both are equally exposed to the weather.

The same uncertainty applies to the observation that the hair of women is darker than that of men, since the sun demonstrably bleaches hair. There is more reliable evidence that the eyes of women are darker than those of men of the same race, but this cannot be said to be an established fact. The thyroid gland is not only relatively but also absolutely larger in women than in men, and diseases of the gland are far more common among girls and women than Women want sex Dunlap boys and men. This gland is closely associated with the life of sex. Concerning the other glands, the information available indicates that the stomach and kidneys are relatively larger in women, and possibly the liver also; these again being infantile characteristics.

The bladder also is larger, or rather more distensible; but in this respect woman is farther from the infant than is man, for the infantile bladder is relatively small. Among the functional or physiological characteristics of women as compared with men, the menstrual cycle is most conspicuous.

This occurs with remarkable regularity, and with an interval of from two weeks to eight weeks according to the individual. In the great majority of cases it approximates a lunar month, or four weeks, hence the name "menstrual" and hence also the identification of the cyclically changing moon as the virgin goddess.

The menstrual cycle is not a mere recurrent episode, but involves, in many women at least, a complicated series of changes in vascular and motor functions, involving very serious emotional modifications, which extend through-out the month. In man, certain observers have thought that cyclic changes occur, but these observations have not as yet been generally accepted, and there is reasonable doubt that a male periodicity similar to the menstrual cycle exists.

The female adult heart beats faster than the male; approximately 8 to 10 beats per minute faster under the same conditions. Among civilized races, men are muscularly stronger than women, both absolutely and in relation to body-weight, and have greater physical endurance than women.

This is apparently not the case among primitive races, although we have not very reliable evidence concerning them. The weakness and rapid fatigability of civilized women may be due to their environment, training, and methods of life. At any rate, it is interesting to note that year by year, as girls and young women go in more and more for athletics, sports, and out-door life, the track, field, and strength test records for women approach nearer and nearer to those for men. Laboratory records will probably show that the resistance to fatigue of these hardier women approaches male standards.

No one can say confidently that in a few years women will not measure up to male standards in resistance and in strength-weight ratio. The secondary characteristics of sex are not present in early infancy, but begin to develop just before, or during puberty, which occurs normally between the ages of ten and sixteen. Puberty is the functional development of the primary sexual characters, especially of the ovaries and the testes; and the development of those glands exercises a powerful influence upon the development of the secondary sex characters.

If the testes Women want sex Dunlap congenitally absent in the male, or if he is castrated in infancy, many of the male secondary characters do not develop at all. The voice does not "change," but becomes feminine; and the beard does not grow; the body develops in form somewhat but not greatly like that of the female, and acquires the feminine superfluous layer of fat. Many observations have been made on eunuchs i. We have no direct data on the effects of ovariotomy removal of the ovaries from female infants; but judging from experiments which have been conducted on animals, and from the effects of ovarian degeneracy, one may safely conclude that such removal would have little effect in female structural development, although it might have a profound effect on functions.

Where the ovaries have been removed from adults, menstruation ceases, and the general cyclic changes connected with the menstrual phases are also abolished. Castration or ovariotomy of the adult does not abolish sex desire or sex sensitiv. Experimental castration and ovariotomy have been performed on many animals, and such experiments are adding to our knowledge of human sexual developments.

The most striking experiments have been the transplanting of ovaries to the castrated male, and testes to the ovariotomized female. In such cases, the animals take on many of the anatomical characteristics of the other sex, and some of the important psychological characteristics. Pubertal development in the female is considered to be complete when the menstrual flow first appears, but the girl at this time has not reached full development either anatomically or physiologically.

Many of the characteristic body changes, such as the broadening of the hips, Women want sex Dunlap full development of pubic hair, and the development of the breasts, are not completed for some years after the first menstruation. Full stature and strength are, of course, attained still later, and full emotional and intellectual maturity is probably not reached until about the age of twenty-five.

The chief ificance of the first menstruation is that ovulation the ripening of an egg has occurred, which means, of course, that the girl has become able to conceive. It is by no means certain that eggs are not produced a of months before menstruation appears in some cases, especially those in which monthly nose bleeding has preceded the first menstruation.

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In the case of the boy, there have not been demonstrated symptoms of the development of mature spermatozoa comparable to the girl's menstruation, hence, it is apparently impossible to compare these phases of maturity in the two sexes.

It is popularly believed, and taught by many texts, that girls as a rule "mature" earlier than boys, but the ificance of such statements is as yet conjectural. Even if it is true that as a rule, mature ova in the female appear at an earlier age than that at which mature spermatozoa appear in the male and we do not yet know this to be truethe fact means little.

Girls may "mature" in some details earlier than boys; and boys may "mature" in some details earlier than girls. Emotionally, it Women want sex Dunlap possible that men mature earlier than women; but even of this we cannot be certain as yet. The physical growth of boys does not keep pace with that of girls. Although male infants are on the average larger and heavier than girls, girls exceed boys in absolute stature and weight during the pubertal period, and are again exceeded by boys from sixteen on.

In relation to the norms for the adults of both sexes, however, females are taller and heavier than males during both infancy and the pubertal period. Adult stature is attained by females at about twenty, by males at about twenty-three. The increase in weight, however, is said to continue until the age of forty in men, and fifty in women, although this difference may be due to accumulation of fat by the woman between forty and fifty.

It has been very commonly supposed that males are more vulnerable to diseases than women, but this now seems to be doubtful, although it has been claimed that women recover from injuries, wounds, and surgical operations better than men do. The formerly assumed greater variability of males in respect to stature, form, and other anatomical and physiological characteristics, is no longer accepted.

Women want sex Dunlap

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