Swingers in Milan

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There was a time, in the early aughts, when the panini reigned supreme. And in New York, the panini was made popular by legendary shops like Il Bambinoas well as corner bodegas that were selling their own pita bread versions. It was during the height of quarantine that I became reminded of the panini. It was practically vintage—the Y2K air fryer.

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In between two slices of sourdough bread, I put together a classic combo of fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, and pesto. The griddle lines were nostalgic. The cheese pull was sensational. In the U. But as the word trickled its way down to English-speaking countries, it has come to ify a grilled sandwich.

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And then there were the chains. Pret-a-Manger, Starbucksand Corner Bakery—the tried-and-true lunch spots for hard-working college kids and young, urban professionals—have each, at some point in time, served their rendition of the pressed sandwich. But the name most synonymous with fast-casual panini was Panera Bread.

The Frontega Chicken Panini—a delightful marriage of smoked chicken, vine-ripened tomatoes, and chipotle sauce—was something I looked forward to whenever I took a trip to the mall. When I reached out to Panera Bread, asking to talk panini, they declined to comment.

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Additionally, paninis like the Tomato Mozzarella and Coronado Carnitas have been silently discontinued. Subway caught onto the wave of peak panini inwhen it began offering toasted subs. Maybe words are just words. It was all about quality first. If the panini is no longer having a moment, it must mean that another sandwich is taking its place, and Scarpone suspects that sandwich shops are harkening back to more traditional roots.

A few of these newly opened, old-school-with-a-modern-twist delis—which specialize in Italian subs, loaded with cold cuts—include Ggiata in LA and Cutlets in NYC. Maybe it has to do with the Sopranos resurgence.

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Or they just photograph well. Instagram loves the wow factor, and a shot of a thick sandwich, splitting open and giving way to layers of color, does just that. But would that picture look as good as a loaded sandwich? Maybe not.

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Both Scarpone and Curcio run hybrid shops. A prosciutto sandwich, for example, is better served cold, but it would be a crime not to heat up the grilled eggplant. The panini is not your typical, griddle-lined, flat sandwich. Il Bambino has ventured beyond the Mediterranean flavors that paninis are often associated with. And not all chains have done away with the panini. Though Wawa mysteriously took the panini off the menu a few years ago, it recently brought it back as a rotational sandwich in January But perhaps it is more of a novelty now.

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Swingers in Milan

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