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For an exciting 2 years now DermRx has been the preferred prescription partner for the most discerning patients and healthcare professionals looking for an efficient, smooth, low-cost service. Our primary goal is to make great dermatology care possible at a lower cost for you and for your insurance company.

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Many healthcare facilities keep you waiting on the phone. We eliminate this. Just text us and we get to work.

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Whether you need to ask a question or send us the information we can communicate via text. We notify you of progress on your order until you have your medication in your hand. In cases where privacy concerns prevent texting our support team will cheerfully give you a call.

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Our pharmacists, technicians, and others understand how important your skin is. They are always reviewing your medication not only by the main ingredient but also by checking the other ingredients that could cause reactions. We realize that our work is far from over after your pharmacist approves your order. It still needs to be packed and shipped in the right storage conditions and at the right time. Our support team ensures that when you get your order it feels like it has been prepared with the utmost care.

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The pharmacy hours are. DermRX Pharmacy has been the preferred prescription partner for the most discerning patients and doctors looking for personable and speedy service. Translate ยป.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(196) 358-4702 x 2286

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