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Easily the worst strip club experience I've ever had. My friends and I arrived around PM on a Saturday. The night started off okay. The facility itself is above average judging by the few strip clubs I've seen, but the environment is somewhat diminished by the unnecessary overcrowding of suited bouncers. The quality of the girls is average or below. Many of them have severely troubling teeth among many other undesirable features. All that is to be expected though. Here is where the night to a turn for the worse.

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A friend of mine bought me a lap dance, which I reluctantly accepted. After my dance, which was great, the girl said to me "Would you like me to keep going? I took that to believe that this was not going to cost me anything extra. She gets exponentially more handsy over the next minutes. I won't go into the details on this site but she did stuff that she definitely wasn't allowed to do and stuff that is illegal to pay for.

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I'm not going to complain about that. I told him she put my hands on her body and to mind his own business. He told me to get out and pay for the 13 songs worth of dances I just received. Obviously I'm a little more than upset. I argue with the bouncers for a while about what I owe and that I refused to pay Silk strip club wisconsin something that I was told would be free. I ask to speak to the owner or manager, and big surpriseā€¦he's not available.

I left my friends inside and went outdoors to call the cops. As I'm waiting for the squad car I call my friends and tell them to meet me outside. The bouncers threaten my friends and tell them they aren't going anywhere unless they pay. When the Milwaukee Police arrived they refused to talk to me and only communicated with the owner who appeared out of nowhere once the cops showed up. The cops handled the situation incredibly poorly. Here's how the night ended. We were told that we would be allowed a full refund, but that I would go to jail for theft.

They offered us money back and admitted what happened was wrong, but that I would be arrested and be charged. Or I could drop it and go home. People I couldn't make this stuff up. I know what I'm fighting a losing battled. I left and will be seeking retribution through the courts. Long story short, this place is about as crooked as you could possibly imagine. They will offer you dances and drinks for free, and afterwards charge you outrageous rates and threaten you if you argue.

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There are many better options all over the Milwaukee area. These people are glorified con artists and worse, there's nothing you can do to prove your innocence, the law is on their side.

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Same thing the cop said to me, and that isn't the problem. I'll pay for something if I'm told it's going to cost me. Just don't tell me something is free, and then try to charge me for it. That's bull shit. All good. The dancer offered to pay for the next. However you said,"She gets exponentially more handsy over the next minutes.

That's leading me to believe that you were in that back room for far longer Silk strip club wisconsin the run time of two songs. If that's the case then you were the one responsible for any remaining songs that you sat through where the girl was "dancing". When the bouncer came to you and told you not to touch the girl, which he should have, he should have been more polite.

Another user stated that the bouncer was minding his business and he was. It's his business to make sure that customers are acting like "Gentlemen". That includes keeping their hands to themselves, regardless of what that girl is doing. I lived in that area for a few years and visited that place more than once. Had some good times and some not so great. It was the first strip club I went to and I learned a lot about how to act in one of those places.

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You've got to look at those types of clubs as they are. Every man for themselves. The dancer just wants your money, the bouncer just wants a shift that isn't filled with bullshit, and the owner just wants to make his money and have his employees do what the fuck they're told.

You just wanted to see some tits. Unfortunately them titties ain't free. The entire business model is created to strip you of your money in any way they can. That's what my wife has been telling me forever. Dude, really, if you thought you were going to get a tug job for half an hour for free in a strip club, no matter what anybody told you, even if it was written in blood, you're just plain old fashioned dumb.

Of course they're crooked, of course the cops are on their side, how is it that you could expect anything else?

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They're whores and thugs - fleecing sheep like you is what they do for a living. If you let this thing go to court, be prepared to get ass-fucked in public. Better to take your lumps, learn your lesson, cut your losses and stop being naive. On the other hand, if you do decide to go to court, let us know the date. I've never seen somebody get plugged for getting tugged - could be entertaining. Why do I got the feeling you wound up with the bouncer's girlfriend?

I never understood the appeal of strip clubs. I'd rather walk out of Poto with more money than I walked in with. The cops wouldn't do anything because all of the bouncers are off duty or part time cops. I had a similar instance happen with a friend of mine.

You know what his business is? Everything you do inside of that club. Sorry but it's kind of a funny story. Here's my story: I was in Vegas on a bachelor party. The guys I went with were rather conservative guys and told me beforehand that they would do anything in Vegas but go to a strip club.

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I was fine with that, at first. But when I was drunk at the hotel, I realized there was a strip club across the street. So I made my way over there, hoping to catch my first Vegas lapdance and than pop back to my hotel. I get to the door and ask the bouncer outside, "How much for a dance here?

So I figured I found a pretty cheap place. Ah, there it was. I'll at least get my pick of a girl, and I was going to make it worth it. Flirts with me, the usual bullshit to try and get a dance. I really wanted to take a look around and pick the perfect girl, but I have a huge thing for Asians, so I went with her right away when she asked if I wanted a dance. She le me into a side booth that is somewhat private, but still out in the open I can still see the main stage. Um, what? So yeah, suckered out of that. Sure thing girl.

Silk strip club wisconsin

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