Seek submissive woman

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Freebies Get the Book Learn Rope. I get asked why a woman would want to be a submissive in a dominant submissive relationship often.

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Why would they agree to do what I ask them? Why would they do the chores? Why would they cook for me? Why would they want rough sex? London has hundreds of kinky events happening monthly. Talking about sex is less of a taboo. And this has started to remove some of the guilt shame experienced by women and men associated with wanting dirty, filthy, kinky, animalistic sex. They are on board with it. They crave it. But when it comes to explaining other aspects of BDSM, for example wanting to be submissive outside of the bedroom, there is still a Seek submissive woman of concern.

Why when women Seek submissive woman fighting in the age of MeToo and gender pay gaps would they want to come home to a boyfriend or husband and return to acting like a s submissive housewife? Some people are naturally born with submissive personalities. Being submissive to someone she cares about feels completely natural. People men sometimes have the impression of dominant sex as the man simply fucking his girl or asking for a blowjob, but giving her nothing back in return.

In reality, a good Dom makes it all about her. Dom sub relationships can be very loving and tender. They might partake in activities such as colouring in, or wearing cute outfits, or practise cockwarmingas a way to access that hepace, knowing their Daddy is there to watch out for them as they enter this relaxing yet child-like and vulnerable state of mind.

She chooses to serve her Master because she takes pleasure from knowing she is making someone else happy. They must have their submissives best interests at heart. That is NOT a Dom sub relationship — at least not a healthy one. A respectful, empathetic dom knows the wishes of his sub.

He is helping to create the relationship dynamic which works for BOTH of them. He knows that there is a difference between his masculine and her feminine energy, and uses that to create a heightened sexual tension which ignites passion and flames into a relationship which might otherwise be headed for the scrap heap. He knows she is a highly capable, intelligent woman who has hopes, desires, dreams and a successful career. He respects her for it, and builds her up whenever he can.

But he also recognises her feminine soft underbelly which needs nurturing. That feminine energy which is being sucked away for corporate life and financial, parental responsibilities, and the bills which drop onto the doormat each day. Submitting to him provides her with an escape from all that. A time to slip into a hedonistic fantasy — a bubble with just her and her man which envelopes her, cradles her, makes her long for him, and recharges her spiritual battery so she can battle through another week.

This is not really about control. In fact, both parties have equal control. If the man really has more control then that again is not the true essence of a Dom sub relationship. Imagine going for a full body massage at your local spa.

You are stripped naked, lying on a table. Vulnerable, exposed. Being touched by someone else who stands over you whilst you are face down in a submissive position. You could stop the massage at any time. You are the one who booked the appointment and requested it.

You ed a contract agreeing to strip down to your underwear, hop on a table, and let someone else touch you. Seek submissive woman you also know the spa has a lot to lose by acting inappropriately. There are agreed boundaries they are working within. Because of those boundaries, you are able to relax and let go. Without those boundaries. You trust him enough to know what turns you on and what relaxes you. And you trust that he will be a good dominant and respect that non-verbal contract.

Both partners needs are being met, and both people are thoroughly enjoying the experience and getting pleasure from it. He is interested and willing to try, however he is unsure about how me being a submissive would affect my self esteem. I think I may not be expressing myself about it for him and would appreciate Seek submissive woman help you could give in settling this matter.

Thank you. Hi Samantha. Thanks for the question. I showed your questions to Moineau and she wanted to give her perspective, which may be useful. And ideally it should be a shared journey where both Dom and sub can grow together. Download my free 9 step practical quickstart workbook for beginner doms and subs. Get your copy today. She may be a tiger at work, but when she comes home she wants her Dom to use her. Notify of. This will appear next to your comment. Used to send you comment updates. Oldest Newest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Reply to Samantha.

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Seek submissive woman

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