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The film was shown at 30 festivals around the world and won over a dozen prizes. They express through their bodies what only their imagination, their unique perspective, and their unshakable resilience can reveal. LB: The drive that lives in me is to give voice to common and exceptional people, creating a strong and delicious combination between the possible and the impossible, between the real and the unreal, between the visible and the invisible.

How do they feel, how do they learn, how do they get familiar with how society gives and takes back? I want them to cultivate simple respect for everybody: women, men, and children from any social status. How Meet Bari women would it be if every day we were determined to take a moment of our intentions to frame a more coherent way to act, to choose, and to build a common and better world?

LB: Taking the chance to reveal the present, focusing on the transformation, on the change, and not in the past. To keep using a poetic language to build the inner reality in documentary films is a tension.

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It was also a big challenge to keep the emotional balance of each one of us: the protagonists, the team, the families, and friends. Because she is my second-niece, and knowing the tragedy she [got through], I decided to make a film with her. It was also difficult to balance the presence of the essay approach with direct cinema, and experimental cinema. I wish to grow as a person, keeping my conviction in film narration form, which is the closest way to maintain prose and poetry. Then, the logic Meet Bari women my creations is [related to ideas as well as emotions].

Share some insights into how you got the film made. The Canadian Council of Arts was always present. I have to mention the generous collaboration of each member of the team, and external collaborators, who worked for not a lot of money. LB: My heart is springing hot hot Hot Docs! This event allows me to keep looking, and I believe that the transformation through art, and the art of transformation, would be impossible without film festivals.

This short initiates a new mode of expression through film, where the expression is illogical waves of imagination, [and] the subconscious is unrestrained. Deren is one of my favorite woman directors. She wears pants, as only feminists did at that time [the s]. She gets into the house, carefully observes the objects, and falls asleep. The woman dreams the same dream over and over. Then, the dream becomes a nightmare: the man takes the flower and brings it with him, the flower becomes a knife, she uses it to break the mirror where her face is reflected, and so on.

This very active female filmmaker also had to deal with her own psychological problems in her quest: what is real behind the real? I can then silently think, genuinely feel, and metaphorically express the human factor. The relativeness of the emotional structure is present, and opens Meet Bari women own way to see life and creation. What are your thoughts on the TimesUp movement and the push for equality in the film business? We absolutely need to speak about horrible things to avoid them happening again; we absolutely need to choose respect, simplicity, and clarity to express our ideas; we absolutely need to stop violence; we absolutely need poetry to be created, to be watched, heard, written, recorded, filmed.

We absolutely need to believe in each other.

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Cristiane Oliveira is a Brazilian writer and director. Connie Hochman was a professional ballet dancer with Pennsylvania Ballet where she performed many Balanchine masterworks. InConnie began a series of interviews with former Balanchine dancers our weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date on women centric, directed, and written films and news. Newsletters are sent on Fridays at noon EST.

BY Sophie Willard May 4, While the girls express themselves in a common project, [they become more resilient]. A Message to the Women and Hollywood Community. View All News. Publishing Dates.

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Meet Bari women

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