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Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management. The formation of berms and their transformation into beach ridges in a micro-tidal environment is coupled to wave run-up and overtopping during extreme sea levels.

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A straight-forward comparison between extreme sea levels due to storm-surges and active berm levels is impossible in the semi-enclosed bays along the Baltic Sea. Quite often, the maximum water levels do not coincide with the maximum intensity of the wave driven processes because of seiches in the Baltic. In this paper, we look into the ed distribution of extreme water levels and high-energetic wave conditions at Feddet, a sandy prograding spit on the south-eastern Baltic shores of Zealand, Denmark.

The modern, sandy beach at this location consists of a beachface with a shallow incipient berm, a mature berm, and a dune-covered beach ridge.

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It borders a beach-ridge plain to the west, where more than 20 N—S oriented beach ridges and swales are present. Measured water-level data from to and topographical observations, carried out during fair weather period and during a storm event, provided the basis for a conceptual model exhibiting berm formation and transformation into the local beach-ridge system.

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The character of extreme sea level events is identified using thirty-three well described extreme events throughout a period of 15 years. These berm-forming events had a mean return period of once every three years.

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The average age between successive beach ridges on the beach-ridge plain was about years, which means that the transformation of a berm into a single beach ridge is the result of a large of storm episodes with high-energy waves and extreme water levels. Contact: IGN ign ign.

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