Looking for a passionate experience

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Read on for the reasons why:. Ultimately passion is important for a happy and successful career, so make sure the career you pursue is the one you want. Career Advice E. Explore careers Job hunting Working life. Job hunting Applying for jobs. Hi there. Use this information to find what really excites you as an individual about the company.

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Stay authentic. Employers perceive your passion as not only enthusiasm for the role but also for the business at large. Brush up on your background knowledge of the business before your job interview, so that you can portray your passion effectively.

This will make you stand out as an enthusiastic and knowledgeable candidate. Prove your positive influence. Put yourself in a favourable light by showing how your passion and commitment has resulted in positive business outcomes for your or current employer. Do this by reviewing your recent achievements to demonstrate exactly where you have had made an impact.

Stay positive in times of challenge. Passion is a positive quality, which is important when the going gets tough. Applying for jobs See all. Left a job when things went bad? Here's how to explain it.

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Explore related topics. Finding the job for you. Applying for jobs. Cover letters. First job. Returning to work.

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Looking for a passionate experience

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How To Find Your Passion for a More Fulfilling Career