Im sick of being single

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The world of dating is a whirlwind. The very things you might think attract someone may actually push them away. She shares three responses that can make or break a budding relationship. Find more advice from Alisa at www.

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To assess whether your behaviors and words are pushing others away or inviting them in, review the questions below. Choose an answer that best describes your behaviors.

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I give a day and time that I would love to get together. I often cancel plans with them or fail to follow up. Overall I try not to need others. When they offer, I accept and show appreciation. I encourage them to participate in my life and offer to do the same. I tell them exactly how I feel, how they are wrong, and why I am right.

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We come up with a clear plan of how we can avoid the problem or handle the situation better next time. You may be acting somewhat warm and engaging, but you are not taking any real risks. You are leaving others with the responsibility for taking action, being vulnerable, and making things happen; therefore, you are actually pushing them away. They may not be sure if you really want to get together, but they feel your warmth and respect. Invitations communicate that you want to spend time with others and are willing to make the time.

Hopefully, this self-test has helped you determine the messages you are sending to others. Many times we are more responsible for the distance we feel in our relationships than we realize. Focus on sending clear invitations and you will either create closer relationships or feel more confident when walking away. Share this article with your friends and family to initiate a healthy discussion about how you can become closer to each other.

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February 27, Alisa Goodwin Snell date dating relationship relationships sick of being single single. Be your most beautiful self! Scott, party of 9? How Skyler and Jamie Scott manage the crazy of 5 two-year-olds.

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Im sick of being single

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Sick of being single? The 3 ways you might actually be pushing people away…