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A nation as famously characterised for its sparse and tiny population as it is for its volcanos and glaciers, Iceland is home to justpeople. The most northerly capital in the world, Reykjavik is as provincial as cities get and is smaller than many towns and villages in most western nations. In this guide, we explore the culture of sex in Iceland looking at both the prostitution and pornography laws as well as looking at what the Icelanders think about casual sex.

We also take a look at the legal status for LGBTQ rights plus, we reveal what the best options are for dating via the classified sites in Iceland. Iceland is deemed a part of Scandinavia and has a shared history due to its associations with Denmark. The country was ruled by the Danish until and even shared its monarchy until the s. As a result, there are lots of cultural similarities with both Denmark and other Scandi countries such as Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The culture of sex and nudity in Iceland is very open and the Icelanders have a reputation across Europe and beyond as being quite promiscuous. This followed an equally high-profile incident Iceland sex personals the Oprah Winfrey show where an Icelandic woman stated that Icelanders were up for casual sex, saying:. The celebrated American pick-up artist, Roosh Vorek also wrote an interesting book in called Bang Iceland in which he confirms the culture of the hook-up in the country after his own experiences. Of course, not all Icelanders are looking for a one-night stand and many citizens resent the image that has been created in the media about liberal attitudes at the extreme.

However, the general population could not argue with some of the stats about sex in Iceland:. In terms of sex aids, the following percentages of Icelanders claim to own these popular devices, toys and accessories:. It is compulsory to shower nude before entering the pool area and the Icelandic will show no timidity in insisting you abide by their rules!

There is no adult industry to speak of in Iceland and, besides the occasional amateur film that is ed to tube sites there is no porn export from the country. In the early s, a private TV channel manager was fined heavily for airing them. Stripping is also prohibited in Iceland and has been since There are no porn stars of note that come from Iceland although the country has produced a handful of glamour models who have appeared topless, including:.

The model is based on Swedish legislation and makes it Iceland sex personals crime for someone to pay for sex but does not criminalise the role of a sex worker in selling sex. However, a prostitute does commit a crime if she engages in her or his work with other prostitutes; doing so constitutes a brothel which is also against the law.

The new laws replaced a total ban on prostitution prior to in which both the acts of buying and selling sex were illegal. Penalties for breaking the prostitution law are light and the names of convicted offenders are kept anonymous.

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A lack of police funding in this area has meant that many suspected breaches of the law are not followed up. Street prostitution in Iceland is very rare, not only because of the weather conditions making it almost impossible during the winter months but also as a Iceland sex personals of the ban. However, prostitutes as in many European countries do use the internet to advertise.

Most offer personal services via carefully worded listings as the popular platforms tend to remove suspicious profiles and questionable advertisements. Outside of the capital, Reykjavik, it is thought that prostitution is an extreme rarity. Unusually for a European capital, much of the sex trade in Reykjavik is run by word of mouth. Despite this, the country does have a market for prostitution and escorts can be found working in Reykjavik.

Each year, the global porn tube hosting site, Pornhub, publishes statistical data to analyse the traffic to its site. Whilst there is a lack of up to date information, the following stats reveal the most recent porn viewing trends in Iceland. Traffic from Icelandic women ranks the country at when it comes to watching porn worldwide with the most searched terms being quite patriotic. Compared to Icelandic men, women were far more likely to be watching porn from the following :.

There are no porn sites that are dedicated to Icelandic porn but there are several Scandinavian sites where you can find performers from Iceland. Though some of the content is merely amateur footage filmed by visitors, some does feature Icelanders. Legislation to provide equal rights and prevent discrimination for the LGBTQ community is very progressive in Iceland.

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Under her charge, the country adopted amendments to its laws on same-sex marriage and homosexual couples may now marry. The law was also voted in favour of by the Church of Iceland who have allowed same-sex marriage in its churches since The change in law extended the already equal access to adoption legislation and IVF treatment for same-sex couples.

The gay scene in Iceland is very small but is an active and open one, particularly in the capital city of Reykjavik. As it stands, up to one million visitors attend London Gay Pride festivals. With such a small population, and one that is reportedly having more sexual partners than any other European nation, it is important for Icelanders to ensure they are Iceland sex personals polluting their gene pools!

Whilst there is less of an online dating scene or organised culture of meeting prospective dates, there are some useful sites that might be helpful for visitors to the country. It has a reported userbase of around 25, members and is therefore the most popular dating site in Iceland.

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The site also hosts live events during the course of the year when they organise a big social gathering to speed up the matchmaking process face-to-face. events include archery classes, autumn walks and bowling. However, they are free and the only thing you have to lose here is the time taken to register a quick profile and then weed out the unsuitable, out of date or bogus profiles.

Lastly, it is worth pointing out that Tinder is still quite popular in Iceland for hook-ups and is an easy and fast way to meet potential dates. Featured image via Wikimedia. We have published 27 country profiles, 64 local city guides, and hundreds of hours of research for your reading leisure. Looking for sex in Iceland?

Iceland sex personals

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