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Looking for sexy buddy hi looking for a sexy buddy to chat with. Trying to find a girl for a ongoing thing. Wives seeking flirt. Seeking: Wanting for a man Relationship Status: Divorced. Seeking: I seeking couples Relationship Status: Single. I personally believe pox writes most of the stuff about him, I know it's cliche but he is an attention whore, has some mental issues, and when he's not getting any props, here come the posts.

He has done very vile things to me and my family so I don't have any sympathy for him. I truly in my heart thnk he writes that stuff himself. I post enough crap in green it's not necessary for me to go grey or troll handles or anything to post nasty. Address this point I never told anyone but pox about my dogs and yet them dying in a fire comes up a lot as taunting. I dont share info that people can use against me, although even a typo is cause for vile. Those were nasty things written, I didn't even read them all, but really what do you or he expect, posting that kind of information.

There's a huge difference in the nature of the attacks. Today I thought I would share. About what a vile abusive cunt I am for a typo. The crap could be stopped if you all would the greys. But ing yourself is tough, huh? All these complaints from you and skippy and trolls and no one do the one thing it takes to shut it down. Yet you complain. I have 3 ,and 5 grandchildren. My music Housewives looking nsa Sefton include Mozart,and the rolling stones among other artist.

I smoke cigars, drink Scotch and rum in moderation.

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I am seeking the company of a free progressive local woman. If you are interested in chatting or meeting up feel free to me. Seriously you could not make it in a small town You would go bored and start posting here Bored and lonely : Just kidding.

Mideastguy If you do not mind me asking, why did you become a minister? And why did you choose to start your top post with that? I can guess, but only you know why. Also I am from a small town. And when you say kinky what do is your thought on "kinky" Thanks. Lonely housewives ready casual fucking dating Savannah Looking for someone to talk with, Flirt with, Maybe more sexy wife seeking hot sex Sefton m4w Well hello and thanks for opening my post. Im a man in my mid 30s. I am married but I hope to find a open minded woman who would like to talk.

My marriage leaves a lot to be desired and I need some excitement back in my life. Even just getting to know someone is exciting to me. Well I hope to hear from you.

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I would like to exchange pics, I like to see who I am talking with. Please be able to hold a non judgmental conversation. Im not looking to be fixed just want to feel alive again. Put your favorite color in the subject line please.

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Sexy lady seeking sex dating top online dating Sexy wife seeking hot sex Shreveport is on target, honest and not insulting. I appreciate that. I know what all you are saying. I'm not an idiot. I'm actually really smart. Sometimes people get caught in complicated life circumstances that make them act out of character. I'm not trying to make excuses for myself, just don't think the harshness is necessary.

Yes, I've made mistakes, I have no problem admitting that. The point of this story was to admit my faults and what I thought contributed them. Looking for some support and something constructive not to chum the sharks. I just want those of you who have the more cynical responses to know a few things before you are so ready to jump all over me. The two house thing.

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The first house shitty one I bought just as the California market declilned when I was a year out of college. Almost instantly it was worth K less than I bought it for, so selling was never an option. I would have loved to sell it to simplify my life but couldn't. The purpose of it was to rent it to help fund the rebuild of the first. Even selling it to fund my construction would not work because that would only pay off its own mortgage, not give me a heap of cash. I wish some of you wouldn't be so opinionated on matters you're not familiar with.

Ask questions if you wonder where I'm coming from. I'm looking for help not insults. I honestly don't think they're fucking even though it sounds bad. What exactly is going on, not sure and wish I Housewives looking nsa Sefton care. I'm not blaming my 'friend' for anything except actions he has taken that a friend should never take. So, as I suspected the proposal idea my friend had didn't work. We gave our final talk, hugged and parted ways. She insists she wants to be alone for once and not with anyone, so I'm trying to take her word on that.

She's never lied to me. The first 5 years really were good. I let things slip for a of reasons during the last yr and now I'm paying the price, I know. I'm going to a councelor this week to try to help myself understand why I made those mistakes and better myself. Now, any support is welcome.

Housewives looking nsa Sefton

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