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Send feedback. Pump Fakes and Hot Takes. Available episodes. Oct 3, This is part two of our NBA regular season Hot couple fakes. For 5 weeks we will be having in depth discussions about every NBA team, 6 each week. We will discuss the where we expect each team to finish in the standings, the players to watch out for and what will make their season a success. Oct 1, Sep 20, This is part one of our NBA regular season prediction. Over the next 5 weeks we will be having in depth discussions about every NBA team, 6 each week.

Sep 7, Aug 31, The guys are back with a couple of debate topics again! Aug 23, We also go over some controversial world issues at the beginning of this episode. Aug 16, In this weeks episode, someone is calling out MJ. The guys debate topics: Is golden state back?

Who has the better legacy, Kevin Durant or Giannis Antetokounmpo? Aug 11, This week the guys break down the winners and losers of free agency and hep you make sense of all the madness. Aug 2, In this episode, we discuss the winners and losers of that trade as well as its implications for both franchises moving forward.

We also discuss other trades and trade rumours around the league. Aug 1, I this delayed episode of the podcast, we go over the NBA finals, Giannis Hot couple fakes the finals MVP and we give Noble is flowers for predicting the Bucks title run and being the one member of the podcast that believed in Giannis and the Bucks. We also talk about Team USA basketball and ho we think they will fare in the olympics.

Jul 13, As usual, our guys are split on which way the series goes with Venu and Chisom picking the Suns and Noble picking the Bucks. Hot Take of the week comes from Chisom, who says the Bucks wont win any more games this series. Do you agree?

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Jul 5, In this episode, we dive into the anatomy of this epically wrong take. We try to understand how a man can be this wrong, and we try to make some more predictions about the NBA finals. Jun 28, Last week the Dallas Mavericks 13 year head coach Rick Carlyle reed after reports of tension between him and the upper management came out.

The Mavs wasted no time in securing one of the great young coaches out there in Jason Kidd, who was on the Mavs championship team. In this episode, we discuss some of the reasons we are excited to see Kidd as the new head coach for the Mavs. Jun 22, In this episode, we go over the eastern and western conference finals matchups and we pick our winners.

We also shed some light on the conference semi-final matchups and the effect of injuries and fatigue in the. Jun 14, We're knee-deep into the second round of the NBA playoffs and it has been nothing short of exciting so far. In this episode of the podcast, the guys have a friend of the show Tee on and we discuss the Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Clippers series in detail. We go over the reasons why the Clippers find themselves down and their chances of coming back to win the series.

Jun 9, Noble thinks LeBron James is washed! After a disappointing first-round series against the Phoenix Suns that saw the Los Angeles Lakers lose Hot couple fakes 6 games, Noble has seen enough to conclude that LeBron is washed Hot couple fakes has begun his "fall off a cliff" He also predicts that the Lakers will not be title contenders until LeBron retires or gets traded. Venu on the other hand thinks the Lakers should be open to trading their other superstar Anthony Davis.

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No one has heard from Chisom since we recorded this episode. Jun 8, In this episode of the podcast, we wrap up the first round of the NBA playoffs and take a look at the remaining 8 teams and their matchups. Noble ran this episode and took time to shit on the Lakers and the Knicks and even had a hot take about LeBron James. May 31, The Miami Heat beat the Milwaukee Bucks in 5 games during the second round of the NBA playoffs, and the teams matched up again, this time in the first round of the playoffs.

Things did not go Miami's way this time, the team fell in 4 games and frankly, they looked overmatched. In this episode of the podcast we go over what went wrong for the Miami Heat, and we look at the other interesting first-round series that are still going on. May 24, NBA playoffs are upon us! In this episode, we go over the matchups in the first round of the playoffs and the guys predict their winners.

May 17, In this episode, we discuss the NBA play-in tournament in depth! We discuss our feeling about the tournament in general, and the teams that will be participating in the tournament and we predict the winners and losers of the competition. We also discuss the 76ers and the Knicks locking up the 1 and 4 seeds respectively and what that means for both teams moving forward. Our special guest is a Raptors fan, so we have him break down the Toronto Raptors season and his ideas for the franchise moving forward.

May 11, Kevin Durant or James Hot couple fakes Which of these superstars is more important to the Brooklyn Nets success? We discuss that in detail on this week's Hot couple fakes of the pod. We also go into the Lakers and LeBron's reinjury of his ankle, look at some of the NBA coaches on the hot seat and we try to determine who will win the coach of the year.

May 3, LeBron James is back! After missing over 20 games the Los Angeles Lakers star forward is back! We discuss the importance of LeBron's return and Giannis's injury and reinjury of his right ankle. Also, the Phonix Suns are sitting in the 1 spot in the western conference!!

Apr 26, The Knicks are the hottest team in the NBA right now, they have won their last 8 games and have been eating up the rest of the league. Currently sitting in 4th place in the eastern conference, some important questions need to be answered about the knicks. Apr 19, This NBA season has been riddled with missed games. A lot of them are due to COVID but it feels like a lot of star players have missed or are missing time due to all kinds of injuries. In this episode, we go over the playoff implications of some of these injuries, as well as how these injuries have shaped the MVP race.

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Also, Noble has an apology for Venu!! Apr 14, The pay gap is real and undeniable. Women earn more than men in almost every field. In this special episode, what we as basketball fans can do to help shrink that gap as well as what some ideas we would like to see implemented by both the NBA and the WNBA to increase the amount of money the WNBA players make without changing Hot couple fakes game itself. Apr 12, Alongside these guys are some young and talented payers, Andrew Wiggings, Kelly Oubre, and James Wiseman to name a few.

With these guys, they are barely hanging on to the 10th spot in the West and will surely get swept if they make the playoffs. In this episode, we also go over the Clippers, their recent hot streak, and what that means for their playoff future. Apr 5, At this point in the NBA season, we have a pretty good idea of the teams that are going to be in the playoffs, and based on the moves made during the trade deadline and the buyout market, there are a few changes that we see coming to that playoff picture. In this episode, we go over the eastern and western conference playoff race, some of the hot and cold teams this week as well as some of the other news topics from around the league to keep you caught up on the NBA!

Apr 2, This is a special episode of pump fakes and hot takes. Noble and Venu are torn on where LaMelo Ball ranks among the top point guards in the Hot couple fakes so it only makes sense that the fans bear witness to this sheer madness. Mar 29, There were 16 trades made during the NBA trade deadline, involving 23 teams and 46 players.

It felt like errbody and they grandma was either trading or getting traded. In this episode, we discuss these trades in detail and go over their implications moving forward. We also talk about the winners and losers of these trades.

Hot couple fakes

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