Great girl fun times

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It has finally happened: you and your best gal pals are all free on the same night. No kids, no work, just the girls. So what should you do to mark the occasion? Without looking in your bags, write down a list of common items you might find in a purse. These could include:.

Deate one person as the host. Have her call out one item at a time. The first person who is able to fish Great girl fun times object from her purse is awarded one point. Whoever winds up with the most points by the end of the game wins. Then, have each person pick a note and stick it on their forehead. The goal is for them to guess the name of the celebrity on their note. They can ask for help and hints, of course, but no names or rhyming hints! Whoever guesses the most celebrities correctly wins! Give everyone in the group a slip of paper, and have them write down one thing that no one at least in this group knows about them.

Go around the circle and take turns having a person pick a note from the pile and reading it out loud. The rest of the group then has to guess who wrote it. This one is a classic for a reason! Everyone in the group takes a turn as the host.

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Each player opens iTunes or whatever music app they use on their phone and plays a snippet of a song. Whoever in the group guesses the song correctly first, wins. The last person still dancing wins. Basically, the game starts when one person puts their thumb down on a table.

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As soon as anyone else notices this, they should put their thumb down as well. The last person without their thumb on the table, loses. Go around the group and have each person say three things about themselves: two things that are true, and one that is a lie.

Then, the rest of the group has to guess which ones are the truth, and which is the lie. At the beginning of the night, pick a word that will be banned for the night. Relive your slumber party days with a rousing game of truth or dare. You know the rules: each person is giving the option of telling a truth or doing some kind of a dare. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics.

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Great girl fun times

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