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Imagine a dish like a dumpling, but with a crunchy, flaky skin like a pie crust, mixed with a spicy, gooey filling like a stew. What we described exists in reality. The other day, Brendan met up with David and Patrick and tempted his fate by sampling the delectable dish.

David Oropeza: So, these are typically sold as a midday snack. So, typically in Bolivia your lunch is your biggest meal of the day. It has a beautiful braid on it. Brendan Francis Newnam: You guys are city kids, clearly. Brendan Francis Newnam: Alright. A lot of cultures have these sorts of things. What sets this apart from, say, an empanada? Patrick Oropeza: Well, traditionally, a lot of Bolivian food is focused on kind of like, grandma traditions.

So, you make it by hand. A hundred pounds of flour every day in our kitchens.

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That gives the dough a bit of a sweet taste. The inside is a gelatinized filling. So, the idea is that, in Bolivia, soup is everywhere. And inside is that soup. So, you can take this with you, and it stays warm for quite a while. So, you can eat it whenever. Patrick Oropeza: We cook it with a base of a gelatin. Patrick Oropeza: Yeah, exactly.

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You break it down until you create the gelatin. Patrick Oropeza: Yeah. I mean, all the time. There was only, like, one or two spots. So, where does the name come from? David Oropeza: The story goes, the folklore tale is Grandma sex Bolivia lady came from Argentina, a region in Argentina called Salta.

And she was exiled from Argentina, came to Bolivia, and needed to make money and created this. So, it was just known as that. David Oropeza: They do. You took it from us! This guy comes every day. Do you remember? Well, my destiny awaits in this bite here. David Oropeza: OK.

You take a bite out of the tip, OK? So, you just take a little bite out of there. You get the hole big enough, and you pour the llajua inside. David Oropeza: Yeah, so, basically, this is the hot sauce, the salsa of Bolivia. David Oropeza: Inside, Grandma sex Bolivia. Once you have the little hole in there, you pour the salsa inside, and you have two ways to go about it from there.

So, can you record me while I do this? David Oropeza: That was an ambitious bite he took. So, is that just because I have really good eating skills? David Oropeza: Bachelorhood for life. One bakery in Manhattan is making it hard not to hate bread.

It's called Arcade Bakery, and their "laminated baguette" has eaters in ecstasy. To find out what it is, Brendan met with owner Roger Gural. Before Carla Hall was known as the co-host of "The Chew," a "Top Chef" finalist, and the author of several cookbooks, the Nashville native was just a girl who was a deep fan of her grandmother's cooking, especially her cornbread.

When she got older and became interested in cooking, she tried to sleuth out how to make it for her family and catering clients. Listen as the celebrity chef remembers a staple of her Southern Sunday suppers and get the recipe for her grandmother's cornbread.

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Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Brendan Francis Newnam: I love the idea of a lunch appetizer.

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Brendan Francis Newnam: What a wonderful place. David Oropeza: And then you have a light dinner. David Oropeza: A large beeper? Patrick Oropeza: Maybe a small avocado. Brendan Francis Newnam: How does one keep soup in dough?

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Brendan Francis Newnam: A gelatin mix of some sort. Brendan Francis Newnam: OK. Brendan Francis Newnam: Did you grow up eating these at home? Two of the three Oropeza brothers. David Oropeza: She made us work for it, I think is a better way to put it. Brendan Francis Newnam: So, how do I eat this? Patrick Oropeza: Oh, no. Brendan Francis Newnam: Wait, what does that mean again?

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