Desolation of smaug tonight

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Director: Peter Jackson. Following the events of An Unexpected JourneyBilbo FreemanGandalf McKellen and the dwarves …see cast above have the evil computer-orc Azog the Defiler Manu Bennett and his horde of minions on their tails as they continue their quest to the Lonely Mountain. For safety, they are led to the home of shape-shifting man-bear Beorn Mikael Persbrandt who resists the temptation to eat them and instead le them to Mirkwood for safe passage.

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Once free of the wood, mainly thanks to Bilbo savaging the spiders under the spell of the Ring, the new Fellowship is captured and taken to the Elf King, Thranduil Pacefor imprisonment. The dwarves need to escape their plight in order to defeat the evil massive dragon Smaug Cumberbatch and reclaim their kingdom.

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Also, Gandalf is incapacitated by the mysterious Necromancer of Dol Goldur i. Something big is going down in the background that threatens not just the mission to the Mountain, but Middle Earth itself. Firstly, the overall cinematography is great, as is now the standard for Jackson. The sprawling landscapes of New Zealand are once again captured with a grand majesty and the visual spectacle unfolding is a joy to look at in the correct frame rate.

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Elements elements of the movie capture the spirit of Middle Earth that An Unexpected Journey did so well, howeverthe new additions to the saga — i. That scene stretches on and on…and on…and on…and on until it becomes ridiculous — we know by now everyone will be safe for some reason many a deus-ex-machina againand the incessant overuse of the unnecessary Legolas loses its appeal very quickly.

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All those arrows, yet he fights his nemesis Bolg with a sword? As with the entry, the orcs and their ilk in The Desolation of Smaug look unconvincing and the CGI shows badly. Smaug, on the other hand, looks incredible. He looks terrifying as he slinks across mountains of gold, stalking his Hobbit prey and the effort spent on his character paid off big. Cumberbatch nails the voice-work, bringing a charming menace to Smaug and instantly rocketing him to the top of the list of compelling characters here.

The love-triangle between Kili, Tauriel and Legolas that is introduced is painful to watch.

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Why, Peter, why? The dialogue that comes with it whiffs of Vieux Lille and the whole thing smacks of desperate filler to justify a trilogy of movies that the source material simply cannot support. Who are the dwarves? The acting is on-par with the entry, Freeman Desolation of smaug tonight his game once more and Armitage is sound as the leader of the pack. Lee Pace camps it up as Thranduil in a performance that is more confusing than anything. It all gets a bit weird. Where the movie loses steam is the constant need to have the good guys in peril, only for them to be saved at the very second.

This happens constantly and removes any stakes that needed to be raised. We know Bilbo, Gandalf and Legolas make it out, so why attempt to trick us otherwise? Of coursethere are some good moments in the movie. The doom-laden, foreboding discovery of the open crypts of the Witch-King and Ring-Wraiths at the High Fells of Rhudaur is laced with a quietly chilling darkness. The ending is an infuriating cliffhanger, especially when having to wait a year for the next movie. The Desolation of Smaug is the trilogies Attack of the Clonesbut still fails to match that standard.

Too much deviation from the source material and not enough quality to fill the blanks. Very frustrating. December 20th

Desolation of smaug tonight

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