Cuddle friend today

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I was having a debate with two friends the other night and one stance was that there's no such things as platonic cuddling since cuddling is a for wanting more romantically. Well, if you were in a committed relationship would you feel OK with your partner "just" cuddling with someone else? Personally I wouldn't. I've never understood the concept of platonic cuddling.

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I think it's kind of delusional. What exactly is platonic about laying down and pulling another person's body as close to your own as possible? I dont snuggle my friends. Butttt i could snuggle someone who used to be a lover with the understanding that it was just a walk down memory lane. That being said. I love snuggling. Love it need it. But its powerful magic. Likely to get me all frisky. Girls cuddle platonically all the time. As a girl I find it really weird and uncomfortable, but it's not a less valid form of platonic expression or whatever.

This is one of those issues where guys and girls will not see eye-to-eye on. Women have very fluid sexuality compared to men. That's why you often see women grinding with their girlfriends "just for fun" in a Cuddle friend today and taking "sexy poses" together unironically on Facebook, but you hardly see the same for guys. Women's sexuality is simply not as hardline and polarized as that of men, so they're more okay getting up and personal with each other without feeling weird about it.

What about with your family or your pet? Do you not ever all snuggle up on a couch and cuddle to watch a movie? Or give each other head rubs and chat? Cuddle with your puppy dog?

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I cuddle with the people closest to me: 3 best friends, sisters, mom, boyfriend, my cat. It's like giving them a hug. It'd feel weird if we never did that. I would miss it horribly.

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Except for the boyfriend the cuddle positions also different with him, more like spooningthey are all totally platonic. It would gross me out if the others were somehow sexualized. Hugging is the act of holding someone as close to you as possible, and can often be done for long periods of time in times of high emotions positive or negative, death for etc.

It's only sexual if you make it sexual. You and your bro are going to sleep but there's not enough room on the futon? Cuddle uo. I have before, but I was drunk and would've fucked her had there not been anyone else.

Pretty much my thoughts. It's going Cuddle friend today lead to something more in the majority of cases. It can be platonic if it's 3AM, raining, cold, we're inebriated, and snuggling up to 'keep her warm' but I'm really only doing it because I'm cold as fuck. Found the internet! Can friends "just" cuddle? Posted by.

The other sees cuddling as an extended hug. Sort by: best. Reply Share.

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Butttt i could snuggle someone who used to be a lover with the understanding that it was just a walk down memory lane That being said. Continue this thread. Also high schoolers get in weird ass cuddle puddles sometimes. Same goes for other sensual bodily contact like cuddling. Edit: Also, many asexual people still love to cuddle. I completely agree. It's time to stop. Created Aug 30, Top posts june 24th Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top.

Cuddle friend today

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Why You Should Cuddle Your Friends