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Data is populated from census, state, provincial and municipal sources, along with third-party projections. According to OECD, the gini coefficient measures how the distribution of income among households within an economy deviates from a perfectly equal distribution of incomes. Simply, it measures the extent of income inequality in an economy. Inequality on the Gini scale is measured between 0, where everyone's equal, and 1, where all the country's income is earned by one person. Pisgah, AL has a gini coefficient of 0.

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The largest influx of immigrants to the U. Historically, most people who migrated to the U. Overall, there is no ificant difference between the s of men and women. The 45 to 49 years old age cohort exhibits the largest discrepancy with a difference of 43 people between the sexes. Furthermore, majority of the population is between the ages 45 to 49 years old, comprising Meanwhile, At the present, people are expected to retire in the coming years. The U. View the Real Estate tab for information such as and more.

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Most households in Pisgah, AL have four vehicles for transportation. Moreover, Moreover, 35 households have two vehicles. Majority of commuters in Pisgah, AL leave their homes from am to am, saying that it's enough time to get to work. The second most popular time to head to work, with However, 30 of commuters still prefer to leave from pm to am. Most are in Education with 32 people practicing it in Pisgah, AL. The third group are those who are in Engineering, with 7 people responding that it is their line of work.

STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is expected to be a growing industry, however, Pew Research Center confirms that there is still a huge need for labour in these industries. Pisgah, AL has 30 people or Most people in Pisgah, AL have completed high school.

With people, it is the leading educational attainment in Pisgah, AL. Coming in second, The third largest group are people who completed grades 9 to 12, with 80 people responding. View the Utilities tab for information such as and more. Townfolio provides city data as a service. Originally focusing on economic development software. Townfolio has evolved into a platform to: automate the community profile, provide city benchmarks Couples pisgah al comparisons, along with completely customizable dashboards for city planning or city performance.

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The company provides a widget to add city dashboards to government and economic development websites, and export features to automate reporting. While main interest has come from city and county governments, economic development agencies, NGOs and other public sector clients are using Townfolio.

Townfolio strives for the most current and credible data sources. The data is mainly sourced from open providers ranging from census to inside city hall. Using Townfolio you will find census profile data among dozens of other sources for any city. The platform is used for research and decision making by cities for reporting and performance by economic developers, city planners and others.

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Students for research and businesses for site selection, research and portfolio monitoring among other groups such as people looking to move also utilize Townfolio data. If you would like to compare cities, please use our Compare Tool. To index and benchmark cities, please use our Benchmark Tool. Ideas for data? Reach out to us and try the live chat at the bottom.

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What is Townfolio? Where does the data come from? How to use this data Request more info. Total Population Median Household Income 29, Median Age Real Estate View the Real Estate tab for information such as and more. Housing Occupied Housing Vacant Utilities View the Utilities tab for information such as and more. How to Use This Data Using Townfolio you will find census profile data among dozens of other sources for any city. Request More Info: Questions? Warning now.

Couples pisgah al

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