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Those you do see are predominantly from local businesses promoting local services. These adverts enable local businesses to get in front of their target audience — the local community. It is important that we continue to promote these adverts as our local businesses need as much support as possible during these challenging times. You just like knock knock jokes. Possibly because of the brief reappearance of Emily — albeit in an answerphone message, wondering if she and Ross made a mistake splitting up — this is a real downer of an episode. The other strand of the story, which involves Joey and a sandwich on a ride-along with Gary — is equally uninspiring.

Show stealer Rachel : To Ross, who mistook a car backfiring for a gunshot while out on the ride-along That was not a near-death experience! That was barely an experience! Blah, blah, blah. Ross fails a student but then changes his mark when the student declares his love for Ross. Show stealer Ross : Last year, Elizabeth — now this guy. What is it? Am I giving out some sort of sexy professor vibe? Rachel : Not right now. Until the sonogram. At the end. Phoebe gets the chicken pox just as Ryan the submarine guy gets into town. No one wants to see them scratch each other while they get it on.

Joey : Karen? Joey : What the hell are you doing to me, man?

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In fact I have her panties in my drawer. Joey goes on an interview for Soap Opera Digest and we see his life in flashbacks. He gets so close to making it through Chandler at women for sex joes interview, but ultimately drops a clanger. Excuse me, I have a life, you know. Chandler is stuck in Tulsa for Christmas with a beautiful and flirty employee. He reminisces about Christmases spent with Monica and his friends, and decides to quit his dull job.

Ham stealing and adultery aside. It turns out Phoebe has a gay husband she married to help with a green card, bizarrely she failed to mention it to anyone before. The gang find out Chandler has a third nipple and that Joey has been in a porno, and Rachel tries to persuade Ross not to sleep with Julie.

Show stealer Chandler : Pressing my third nipple opens the delivery entrance to the magical land of Narnia. Show stealer Chandler : I am not great with the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? Monica gets into buying and selling shares but loses all her money and is forced to take a demeaning job in a sixties diner wearing a huge padded bra. Show stealer Joey : Ross have you ever been beaten up before?

Ross : Yeah sure. Joey : By someone other than Monica? Ross : No. Joey sets Phoebe up with a stranger, Mike, on a double date but gets found out. Mike woos Phoebe with a fake piano and they agree to go on a real date. I mean how do you tell the difference between the good ones and the ones that press their penis against your knees? Monica : What? Chandler : I know what she means. If you want a reality check that it was 20 years ago this show came out, Monica spends Lira on her date in Italy with mega-loaded tech entrepreneur Pete and Chandler listens to a hypnosis cassette tape.

Frank and Alice reveal their relationship and baby plans. Chandler and Monica make up through the power of gambling and almost get married. Ross and Rachel make up through the power of alcohol and do get married. Joey plods through some ridiculous nonsense with his identical hand twin, which is barely watchable. Show stealer Ross : Well, hello, Mrs Ross! Rachel : Well, hello, Mr Rachel! Ross and Rachel get a hot nanny who Joey falls in love with but turns out to be a lesbian.

Phoebe and Mike inherit rat babies. Rachel and Gavin share a kiss on the balcony — and Ross sees. Plus, does anyone like Gavin? Show stealer Phoebe : on her rat I thought we were gonna capture him and, you know, set him free in the countryside where he could meet a friendly possum and a wisecracking owl. Yawn to everyone, except Parker. Julie and Monica go shopping together and lie to Rachel, who is really mean about Julie at every opportunity. Show stealer Phoebe : Oh see this is a typical lightening bearer thing.

Oh hello, who wants some of my phallic-shaped man cake? He he! Show stealer Ross : Chandler Muriel Bing. Boy your parents never even gave you a chance.

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Richard : In the future if I could see the schedule in advance…. Not much happens despite everyone being up all night. Rachel turns into her dad when she tries to teach Joey how to sail an utterly weird green screen boat scene. Show stealer Rachel : When I was 15 my dad bought me my own boat. Phoebe : You had your own boat?

Rachel : What? He was trying to cheer me up, my pony was sick. Phoebe finds out that her mum lied to her about the endings of sad films. Chandler and Joey go to a basketball game with Richard and, in a bid to be more like him, Joey tries out a cigar and Chandler grows a moustache. Rachel and Ross say they love each other for the first time.

Chandler : Wow, how do you find clothes to fit? Everyone decides to enter the lottery. When a fight breaks out over tickets Phoebe drops them over the balcony after being attacked by pigeon. Chandler gets an advertising job. Show stealer Phoebe : Oh, vegetarians never get to do the wishing bone! Which is unfair. Monica and Chandler get caught having sex in a store Chandler at women for sex joes by her dad. Show stealer [Monica comes up behind Chandler and hugs him] Monica : I want a baby.

Hey this is getting modern now, some of them have got mobile phones. Ross is planning a surprise for the wedding and Joey gets good news at work. Show stealer Joey : On explaining his coma brain transplant storyline to Ross Why is this so hard for you to get? I thought you were a scientist. Ross tries to pick up girls after seeing Rachel kiss her colleague. Monica sings at a karaoke night while wearing an unintentionally-revealing top. Joey gets his eyebrows plucked by Chandler. Rachel moves in with Joey after a fight with Ross. Show stealer Chandler : To Ross Single white male. Divorced three times.

Two illegitimate children. The personal ad writes itself. Show stealer Ross : After rectifying the cake mishap Some can sing, some can dance. I, apparently, can turn phallic cakes into woodland creatures. Caring for the chick plays out like an old-fashioned man and wife debate on child-rearing between Chandler and Joey.

Ross proves his good-guy credentials by taking Rachel to the hospital and missing his TV debut. A look between them suggests all is not over. Show stealer Ross : Wearing an all-white suit and bow-tie Hey you guys guess what?! Rachel : You got a job on a riverboat?! Monica opens all the wedding presents without Chandler, Ross and Chandler take fake pictures of the wedding while Joey manages to propose to Phoebe and Rachel on the same day.

Show stealer Phoebe : Pretty big? And bam!

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Show stealer Joey : I usually start a date by sending a bottle of wine to the table from a fan. Monica and Chandler prepare for a visit from the adoption agency and Joey thinks his celebrity status will help. Meanwhile Ross drags Rachel to the playground with Emma to conquer her fear of swings. Show stealer Chandler: We love kids, we love them to death. We love kids the appropriate amount, as allowed by law. Monica and Chandler try to write their vows with a little help from scene flashbacks — the first time they met, Monica explaining the erogenous zones, London, Monica wearing a turkey, and more besides.

Joey finally tells Rachel about his feelings and Ross totally freaks out when Joey confesses to Ross. And you know when you find him, you stop looking for him. Chandler realises finding a new job makes it hard to have a baby. Pants off Bing! Monica, Chandler and Phoebe confront Joey and Rachel about their kiss. The new pair promise not to take things further until they have spoken to Ross. However neither Joey nor Rachel actually manage to talk to him and, back in New York, he discovers the two together.

Show stealer Phoebe: What is this? Rachel: What is this? Show stealer Ross : Anything goes except eye gauging and fish-hooking? Show stealer Ross : On giving Mona a key to his apartment Not just a key. I gave her the only key. I am a homeless person in a very serious relationship.

Phoebe and Mike plan to move in together. While supposedly at work, Phoebe and Rachel spy Chandler with a mystery blonde woman and follow them to a house in the suburbs. It has this big yard that le down to the stream. Phoebe: Ugh, again with Chandler at women for sex joes nature.

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What are you, beavers? Pregnant Phoebe is mean to Rachel, accusing her of acting all high school over her feelings for Ross. Joey, Chandler and Ross originally think the bachelor party stripper stole the ring. Show stealer Chandler : You lost the ring?

Chandler at women for sex joes

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