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By Lesley Goldberg. More on that herein our interview with Chandler Riggs, and here in our dissection of how the show brought that moment to life. It propels Rick — which in turn does the same for the Alexandrians — to go on a fierce ram to clear the community of the undead. They told me in March I had a bit of a he up that it was coming. We were at a cast dinner in L.

It was a more interesting direction than standing there in shock and getting eaten herself. What was filming your death scene like? I heard production had to make a mold of your arm. Filming the scene was really hard because I was playing this woman watching her young son being eaten.

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It was one of the most devastating things. It affected me so much that I had to walk away because I started feeling overwhelmed with emotion about what the reality of that must be like. I got too connected to the character. The amazing thing was all the cast came to that day-of filming just to be supportive. We shot until 6 a. It was amazing. Laughing It was so depressing! We had a fire outside and it was for Tovah Feldshuh whose Deanna was killed off in the midseason finale and I both. Everyone went around and said lovely things about us.

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Her legacy will live on because she did inspire people around her to find their strength. I saw the scene in ADR and it was so brutal. I feel really sorry for Rick. Hopefully that remains open. I think she inspired something in him, too. Have we seen the last of you on the show or is there a potential for zombie Jessie to pop up as she does in the comics? So now they know. Will you miss her?

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