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I was a radio presenter at My first day presenting my very own show was on the 11th of Febrary and my last day broadcasting was on the 26th of October Listen to my radio intro for Body Mind Spirit Chat below. I came upon presenting quite by accident. A friend of mine from Toastmasters was going away on holiday and asked me to fill in for him while he was away. As he was showing me the technical aspects in the studio, the program director came in and asked me if I wanted my own show.

Of course, OMG, why not. It was a bit of a learning curve but it all came together.

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RBM Radio Blue Mountains is a community based radio station, so everyone at the studio is volunteering their time. There are over 40 presenters, so whenever you tune in you will hear something totally different. I actually love this, it provides an opportunity for all to hone speaking, organizational and creativity skills.

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And of course play some great music! The age range of the presenters started at 13 yes and he was pretty good!!! I love the platform where everyone is given a fair go. I would say most presenters are extremely passionate and love what they do and produce some excellent shows. When I first started to come up for the concept of my radio show I knew that I wanted the 2 hours to be feel-good, relaxing and informative. I have also always loved New Age and World music, so thought this music would go well with feel good topics.

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I always chose a theme ie. Gratitude, Resilience, Hope, etc for the show, so inspirational quotes and stories would relate to that theme, or if I was interviewing someone we would be discussing that theme. Facebook has also provided me with the opportunity to meet independent artists, which I have also played on my show.

I decided to take a break from broadcasting and maybe in the future will come back as a presenter. You can always tune into Radio Blue Mountains via online streaming at www. Type of Ceremony? Ceremony Date.

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Please leave this field empty. Thank you for the most beautiful ceremony, we were both incredibly touched by your kind words and all the love you put into it. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking the services of a celebrant. The next you will find some interviews I conducted over the years. Blue Mountains Celebrant - Weddings.

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Talk to me. Just details below. .

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