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Amelia Powell enjoys the money and freedom of serving coffee in her underwear, but Everett, Washington, may shut it down.

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S tudent Amelia Powell is starting her shift at a drive-through coffee stand on a rain-lashed parking lot in Everett, Washington. A black SUV pulls up. A middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap asks for a 12oz hot chocolate with whipped cream. Powell is a bikini barista, one of hundreds across the state hired to serve coffee at premium prices from roide huts around 8ft square while wearing lingerie, thongs, nipple pasties or skimpy swimwear.

She used to juggle college classes with two retail positions. Powell, who is studying international relations and political science at college in Seattle, a few miles south of Everett, was apprehensive. Everyone has their own reasons for doing it. The drivers for Powell are the money, the hours and the fact that she feels empowered by the job. Once a concept unique to Washington, there are now a smattering of bikini barista businesses elsewhere in the US, including Oregon, Idaho and North Carolina. The idea is said to date back to a hot summer in the early s when a roide outlet started a Bikini Wednesday promotion and sales jumped, causing others to quickly follow suit.

Last year Everett tried to ban them. It claimed the stands had a history of prostitution, sexual assault, public masturbation and exploitation. There have been incidents. Four years ago, Carmela Panicowho owned several stands in the area, pleaded guilty to running a multimillion-dollar prostitution ring and a police officer was jailed for tipping her off about undercover police stings in exchange for sex. But the owner of a chain called 2 hotties in baristas Hotties and seven of its staff, including Powell, sued the city, arguing that the ban violated their first amendment free speech and expression rights.

In December, a federal judge granted an injunctionpreventing Everett from enforcing the dress code while the case makes its way through the courts. I love my job. I should be able to choose to work here as I please. I struggled with eating disorders and went through years of therapy trying to fix my issues. Working here for six years has done more for me mentally and emotionally than years of therapy ever did. I started to adapt that into my life. She laughs.

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She does not deny there are negative aspects of the job. It has affected her relationships with some of her extended family — although her parents are supportive — and she finds it difficult to date. Once people find out what I do, they look at me differently a lot of the time. That sucks. I could tell you where they work, their wives, their .

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They just like getting a cup of coffee from a pretty girl and a nice conversation. But there are sometimes not-so-nice guys.

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Powell recounts a couple of alarming incidents. This guy was pounding on the glass door saying that he was going to kill me. Ten minutes go by and this guy is circling the cabin. I call the cops again, no one comes.

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I ended up having a customer chase him off. When she was 18, a customer followed her home from work. The cops arrested him sitting down the street from my house. It stopped. I became a lot more cautious after that. The huts are also fitted with security cameras. Powell was telling someone recently that this rarely happened.

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2 hotties in baristas

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